Konoe Iehisa (近衛家久)

Iehisa KONOE (June 17, 1687-September 11, 1737) was a Court noble, peer and official of the highest rank, Kanpaku (chief adviser to the Emperor), and Daijo-daijin (Grand minister of state) in the mid-Edo period. His father was Iehiro KONOE. His mother was Imperial Princess Noriko, the second daughter of Emperor Reigen. His aunt was Hiroko KONOE (the consort of the sixth Shogun Ienobu TOKUGAWA). His consort was Kamehime, the daughter of Tsunataka SHIMAZU, and his second wife was Man-kimi (the daughter of Yoshitaka SHIMAZU. Uchisaki KONOE and Tenryoin (the consort of Munechika TOKUGAWA, the ninth lord of the Owari Domain) numbered among his children.

He was appointed as Kanpaku in 1726. He authored the diary called "Records of Iehisa."

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