Ando Iesue (安藤家季)

Iesue ANDO (date of birth and death unknown) was a busho (Japanese military commander) during the end Kamakura period to the period of the Southern and Northern Courts (Japan). His childhood name was believed to be Inujiromaru,. He also called himself Gorojiro ANDO. His father Munesue ANDO was believed to be one of the war parties of the Ezo war (the war which broke out in the northern part of Japan in the early 14th century) Morosune ANDO was reported to be his elder brother. His main name belonged to the Abe clan. He first sided with Kokufu (provincial office) but later sided with Hokucho (the Northern Court).

On June 30, 1330 when his brother was given territory from the farther Munesue, it was stated in the letter of conveyance to take good care of Inujiromaru by providing him a salary.

In 1333, when Tokiyuki NAGOSHI,Takakage ADACHI and others escaped to Tsugaru from Kamakura that fell to Yoshisada NITTA, his troops confined themselves inside the castle and the Battle of Daikoji-Temple erupted. Iesue and his elder brother Takasue sided with and fought for the Imperial Court, and the following year 1334 thru 1335, his elder brother Takasue was reassured his main territory by Akiie KITABATAKE. However, according to the gokyousho (official letter of adjudication) issued by Akiie, it was suspicious at best by the statement of Iesue that asserted the territory of Tsugaru and Sotogahama was placed under his trust by Akiie while telling the Kokufu (national government), it was placed under trust by Ashikaga.

Afterwards, Takasue and Iesue brothers sided with the Northern Court (Japan) and in 1336, Iesue was ordered to become Tsugaru battle bugyo (commander) by Ienaga SHIBA and attacked the Southern Court side Nanbu clan at its base castle. However, according to the historical records kept by the Nanbu clan, by 1338 the signatory of Ikkenjo (acknowledgement of reading military document) was made by his elder brother Morosue and no historical records of Iesue were to be found thereafter.

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