Imperial Prince Hisaaki (his name can also be read as Hisaakira) (久明親王)

Imperial Prince Hisaaki (October 26, 1276 - November 24, 1328) was the 8th Seii taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians") of the Kamakura Shogunate. He assumed the post of Ippon Shikibukyo (a high ranking royal member of the government).

He was the 6th son of the eighty-ninth Emperor, Gofukakusa, and his mother was Fusako in Junii (Junior Second Rank), a daughter of Naidaijin (minister), Kinchika SANJO. His wife was a daughter of the previous Shogun, Imperial Prince Koreyasu.

In September, 1289, he became the Seii Taishogun when the previous Shogun, Imperial Prince Koreyasu was sent back to Kyoto. His reign as Shogun was unremarkable until his son, Imperial Prince Morikuni, succeeded him in August, 1308, when he was dismissed as Shogun by the Hojo clan, sent back to Kyoto and entered the priesthood. He had another son, Imperial Prince Hisayoshi, with the daughter of Tamesuke REIZEI.

During this period, Tokuso Sadatoki HOJO controlled the Shogunate, with the Shogun just a figurehead.

Chronology of Government Posts and Ranks
Lunar calendar used for dates. October 23, 1289, named Prince by the Emperor. Coming-of-age ceremony. Given the rank of Sanbon (the third rank for imperial princes). October 31, named Seii Taishogun by the Emperor.

February 6, 1298, promoted to the rank of Ippon (the first, or highest, rank for imperial princes) and assumed the position of Shikibukyo (head of the Shikibusho, a government ministry).

August 28, 1308, resigned from the position of Seii Taishogun.

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