Inson (院尊)

Inson (1120-1198) was a busshi (sculptor of Buddhist statues) of the Inpa (In School) who lived from the late Heian period to the Kamakura period. He was made Hoin (the highest rank among Buddhist priests).

Brief Personal History

Inson constructed Buddhist statues at Kofuku-ji Temple, and the large statue of the Buddha at the hall of Kofuku-ji Temple was created by him. When Todai-ji Temple was reconstructed after an arson attack, Inson was in control of the construction of the parts of the Great Buddha (of Nara), such as haloes. He was loathed by MINAMOTO no Yoritomo because he constructed the approximately 15m tall statue of Bishamonten (Vaisravana) in Omi Province for the exclusion of the Minamoto clan.


There are no extant works that can be definitively attributed to Inson.

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