Iwasa Ittei (岩佐一亭)

Ittei IWASA (October 3, 1779 - January 1, 1859) was a Japanese calligrapher of the latter part of the Edo period. His name was Yoshinori, azana popular name) was Kimiaki, and he was known by the common name Ichiemon. He was born in Sannomachi, Takayama-cho, Hida Province.

Being the eldest child, for a brief period of time he inherited the role of being family head and running a kimono fabric store (Araki-ya store) which had been run by the family for generations; however, he later handed over that responsibility to his younger brother Hyosuke and immersed himself entirely in the study of calligraphy. Initially he learned calligraphy from 蜂賀仁助寿仁 but, in 1812 at the age of 33 he joined the (Buddhist) priesthood as a pupil of chief priest Daido-Jokei of Renge-ji Temple located at Suga village in Owari Province. Ittei became the 51st to inherit the traditions of the Kobodaishi school of calligraphy. In 1832 at the age of 53 he stayed at Hidenobu KANO`s residence in Kyoto, and Ittei`s works on silk were viewed by Emperor Ninko.

At age 68 or 69, Tesshu YAMAOKA became a follower. Ittei passed on the essence of calligraphy to Tessshu who became the 52nd inheritor of the Kobo Daishi legacy.

In February 1858 Ittei celebrated his 80th birthday at Hida Provincial Monastery; however, passed away in January of the following year. Died age 80.

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