Jiroemon KANO (the eighth) (嘉納治郎右衛門 (八代目))

Jiroemon KANO the eighth (August 7, 1853 – March 19, 1935) was a Japanese businessman. He was the 8th person to lead the Honkano family and the Kano combine. He was the president of Honkano Shoten (the Kikumasamune sake brewing).

Personal Profile
In 1853, He was born in Mikage, Settu Province (currently Mikage, Higashinada Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture). His original name was Akika. In 1882, he inherited the family estate and engaged in the family business, which was a sake brewing industry. When the Trademark Law became effective in the same year, he changed their original brand name from 'honmare' to 'Kikumasamune' and registered it. Although he struggled to reform the brewing method, he came up with the idea of using the bronze vat in the process of improving the cedar vat. In 1907, Honkano Shoten became a limited partnership company and was reorganized as a public joint-stock company in 1919. After establishing Honkano Unlimited lnc. in 1926, he was involved in the investment industry such as real estate and securities. He also became the president of Nada Commercial Bank (later known as Kobe Bank) which he established and held positions such as the chairman of the Japan Sake Brewers Association, the director of the Muko Steamship Company and the counselor of the Japan Mutual Savings Bank over the years. He engaged in not only the sake-brewing industry but also the establishment of Nada Junior and Senior High School and the construction of the Hyogo Canal.

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