Endo Joan (遠藤丈庵)

Joan ENDO (1836 - the year of death unknown) was a soldier of the Mibu-Roshigumi. The year of his birth is also said to be 1834 or 1839.

Joan was a ronin (masterless samurai) from Oshi Domain in Musashi Province. He joined the Roshigumi in 1863. He was assigned to the first squad of Negishi.

He remained in Kyoto (current Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) with Yuzan NEGISHI and other members.

In Kyoto, he did not belong to the Serizawa group (including Nishiki NIMI and Goro HIRAYAMA) or the Shieikan group (a group led by Isami KONDO, including Toshizo HIJIKATA and Soji OKITA), but belonged to the Tonouchi-Iesato group (including Negishi and Goichi SHIMIZU).

In the latter half of the same month, he returned to Edo with Negishi, Shimizu, Chozo SUZUKI, and others.

After returning to Edo, he joined the Shinchogumi (Tokugawa Shogunate guard organization), but left it on October 24, 1863 because all the members were appointed as Kobushinkata Igamono (generic name of local samurai in Iga Province) Jiseki (associate Igamono Kobushinkata). His later life is unknown.

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