Juemon Tashiro (田代重右衛門)

Juemon Tashiro (January 2, 1854 to December 14, 1932) was a businessman in Japan.

On January 2, 1854, he was born as a son of Jubei in Shimozagura Village, Ono District, Mino Province (Gifu Prefecture). His childhood name was Matsutaro. His birthplace was a store dealing with cotton, indigo as well as tea, and its yago (the name of the store) was the cotton store. He studied at Terakoya (a private elementary school in the Edo period), and at the age of eleven, he started in business following his father. When he was 28 years old in 1881, he was running business as a cotton-yarn dealer in Osaka, but moved back to his hometown once. In 1893, he moved to Osaka again and joined Amagasaki Spinners Ltd., where he was promoted to an assistant manager in 1894 and to a director in 1901. In 1908, he merged the company with Toyo Boseki (a spinning company), and started manufacturing menpu (cotton cloth). Later, he also merged the company with Tokyo Boseki (a spinning company), Nippon Boseki (a spinning company) and Setsu Boseki (Setsu Spinning Ltd.), and in 1918, he changed the company name to Dainippon Spinners Co., Ltd. (current UNITICA LTD.). After that, he merged the company with Nihon Kenmo Boseki (Japan Silk & Wool Spinning), and bought Kagoshima Boseki (a spinning company). In 1924, he was assigned to be an adviser. He was also an adviser to Nippon Savings Bank.

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