Kinoshita Junan (木下順庵)

Junan KINOSHITA (July 22, 1621 to January 23, 1699) was a Confucianism scholar of the early Edo period. His name is Sadamoto. The characters were Masao. Besides Junan, his titles included Kinri, Binchinsai, and Barado. He was from Nishiki-koji of Kyoto.

He studied Confucianism under Sekigo MATSUNAGA, and temporarily went out to Edo. However, after he returned to the capital (Kyoto), he served Toshitsune MAEDA, who was the Lord of the Kaga domain in Kaga Province. In 1682, he became jukan (an official under Confucianism) of the shogunate, and was jiko (a teacher) to Tsunayoshi TOKUGAWA, who was the fifth generation Seii Taishogun/Barbarian Subduing General. Meanwhile, he was involved in the compilation business of the shogunate, including "Butoku taiseiki", and exchanged knowledge with Hoko HAYASHI and Confucianists of the HAYASHI style. Though he put the basis on the Zhu Xi study, he also devoted himself to the old study. He was known as an educator, and the excellent talented students who were called the ten disciples of KINOSHITA appeared one after another.

In 1693, when Ienobu TOKUGAWA's envoy Tadahiro KORIKI came to look for a Confucianism scholar in the Tokugawa family of Kofu district for employment, Junan recommended his disciple Hakuseki ARAI.

Among his books were "Kinri Bunshu" (Brocade Hometown Collection of Essays).

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