Katsuragi no Tsubura (葛城円)

KATSURAGI no Tsubura (year of birth unknown - 456) was a member of local ruling family belonging to the Katsuragi clan that was active in around the fifth century A.D.

Personal Profile

In 401, he took part in the national politics. In 456, when Prince Mayowa killed the Emperor Anko, Tsubura sheltered Prince Sakai no Kurohiko in his residence, who was also suspected when Prince Mayowa was suspected. However, even though Tsubura whose residence was besieged by the Emperor Yuryaku requested the Emperor to forgive his act in exchange for presenting his daughter, Karahime, and seven of his miyake (Imperial-controlled territories) in Katsuragi, his request was not accepted and burned to death.
("Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan))

The "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters) mentioned that Prince Sakai no Kurohiko was killed before fleeing into Tsubura's residence, and five of Tsubura's miyake were presented to the Emperor. The "Kojiki" also mentioned that Tsubura was not burned to death but he committed suicide after killing Prince Mayowa.


His great-grandfather was TAKENOUCHI no sukune, his grandfather was KATSURAGI no Sotsuhiko, and his father was Tamada no sukune.
(It is described in the notes of "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan)), one of Iwanami-bunko Series, that the above are based on "Kugyobunin" (directory of court nobles).)

His daughter was Karahime who became the wife of Emperor Yuryaku. His grandson was the Emperor Seinei.

Imyo (another name)

He was also called Tsubura no Ohomi written as 円大使主 in Japanese.
Source: Article of the Second Year of the Era of Emperor Richu in the "Nihonshoki"
Moreover, he was also Tsubura no Oomi written as 円大臣 in Japanese.
Source: Article of the First Year of the Era of Emperor Yuryaku in the "Nihonshoki"
And, his another name was Tsubura no Ohomi written as 都夫良意富美 in Japanese.
Source: the description about the Emperor Anko in the "Kojiki"

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