Ki no Oiwa (紀大磐)

KI no Oiwa (year of birth and death unknown) was a lord of Gozoku (a local ruling family) in the Tumulus period. He was a son of KI no Oyumi.

On May, 465, he went to Paekche after he heard that his father died of illness in the war waged against Shilla (ancient Korean kingdom) under the order from Emperor Yuryaku, but his high-handed behavior provoked OKAHI no Sukune who took power as Taisho (the general) after Oyumi's death. Although Okahi enticed away SOGA no Karako to assassinate him, he was beaten by Karako and ended up in staying in Tsuno Province (present Yamaguchi Prefecture) on his way back. At that time, Oiwa returned temporarily, but he went to Korea again. He fought against Peakche in alliance with Goguryeo (kingdom of Korea) to become a king of southern Korea until he ran out of forces, and then returned in 487.

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