Kibi no Yuri (吉備由利)

KIBI no Yuri (year of birth unknown - February 17, 774) is a government official in the latter half of the Nara Period. She is also known as Kibi Myobu (title for high-ranking court ladies.


She is believed to be a daughter or younger sister of KIBI no Makibi.


After the Rebellion of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro, she and Makibi gained Empress Shotoku's trust. She served as Kuranosuke, as a close adviser, and was promoted to Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank). It is said that when Empress Shotoku became ill in 770, she was the only person who was allowed to visit the emperor's bedroom, serving as a liaison with the emperor's retainers or subjects. While Empress Shotoku was ill, the military power was delegated to FUJIWARA no Nagate and Makibi by Imperial paper. When Empress Shotoku passed away in August in the same year, Makibi backed up FUNYA no Kiyomi, and successively backed up his younger brother, FUNYA no Ochi as a successor, but he failed and fell from power. Given that Yuri was promoted to Kuranokami (director of Zoshi) even after that, she might have betrayed Makibi.

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