Ko no Moroyo (高師世)

KO no Moroyo (year of birth unknown - April 1, 1351) was a Japanese military commander who lived during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. His original surname was Takashina. He was a son of KO no Moroyasu. His brothers were KO no Hisatake (久武), KO no Morohide, and KO no Morotake (師武), who was the founder of the Kunishi clan. His son was KO no Morohide.

His family was from the Ko clan, who served the Ashikaga clan. When his uncle KO no Moronao temporarily resigned as a steward of the Ashikaga clan due to a conflict with Tadayoshi ASHIKAGA, Moroyo was appointed Moronao's replacement by Takauji ASHIKAGA. Afterward, Moronao was reinstated and he became a steward of the Ashikaga clan again. The Kanno Disturbance occurred shortly after that, and Moroyo fought against Tadayoshi together with Moronao and Moroyasu led by Takauji, but they eventually lost. Moroyo entered the priesthood with Moronao and Moroyasu when Takauji and Tadayoshi became reconciled to each other, but he and other family members including Moronao and Moroyasu were killed by the Uesugi clan at Mukogawa. It is said that Kiyokage NAGAO (who was the founder of the Nagao clan) was the one who actually killed Moroyo.

After Moroyasu and Moroyo, Morohide succeeded to the family and the family line of the Ko clan was maintained.

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