Komada no Oshihito (駒田忍人)

KOMADA no Oshihito (date of birth and death unknown) lived during Japan's Asuka period. In the old Japanese kana syllabary, his name is also pronounced as "KOMADA no Oshihito." His hereditary title was Sukuri (one of the lower title under Yamato dynasty). He accompanied Prince Otsu in his escape from the capital in the Jinshin War of 672.

Details of Komada clan is unknown. It is believed that Oshihito was in Otsu where Omi no miya was located when the Jinshin War started. When Emperor Tenmu raised his army, his children, Princes Takechi and Otsu, escaped from Otsu where the enemy's headquarters was located and ran after their father separately in two groups. Prince Otsu's party arrived at the Suzuka-no-seki Checkpoint in Ise Province at midnight of 25th and joined his father's party next morning at the bank of Toho-gawa River in Asake-no-kori county. KOMADA no Oshihito was in this party. The followers who got to Asake-no-kori county were OKIDA no Esaka, NANIWA no Mitsuna, YAMAHE no Yasumaro, OHARITA no Ite, HATSUKASHIBE no Shiki, OKIDA no Wakaomi, NE no Kanemi and NURIBE no Tomose. There is no records of KOMADA no Oshihito' subsequent achievements in this domestic warfare.

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