Koremune no Tadayasu (惟宗忠康)

KOREMUNE Tadayasu (also known as Uemon no jo Hashiguchi, year of birth unknown - 1179?) was a descendent of the Hata clan and a Samurai of Kyoto, who served Sekkan-ke (namely, the families which produced the Regent and the Chief Adviser to the Emperor).
His wife was Tango no tsubone (from the Hiki clan)
His sons were Tadahiro (Kazusa no kuni no zenji [the former governor of Kazusa Province]), Tadahisa (Bungo no kuni no Kami [Governor of Bungo Province]), and Tadasue (Hyoe no jo [Lieutenant of the Middle Palace Guards]).

There is a theory that Tadahisa SHIMAZU was adopted KOREMUNE no Hirokoto together with Tadasue, because Hirokoto took Tango no tsubone to wife later.

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