Kose no Oji (巨勢邑治)

KOSE no Oji (born unknown and passed away on July 4, 724) was a noble from the Asuka to the Nara periods. His grandfather was KOSE no Tokuta, who was Daishu (the third grade of nineteen grades of cap rank, which corresponds to Shonii, Senior Second Rank of Taiho Ritsuryo, Taiho Code) and Sadaijin (minister of the left) of the Naniwa Court and his father was KOSE no Kuromaro, who was Chunagon (Middle councilor) and Shokin (which corresponds to Shogoinojo and Shogoinoge, Senior Fifth Rank, Upper and Lower Grades and Jugoinojo and Jugoinoge, Junior Fifth Rank, Upper and Lower Grades of Taiho Ritsuryo, Taiho Code). His main name was KOSE no Asomi. His home ground was Kose-go, Takaichi-gun, Yamato Province.

During the reign of Emperor Mommu, KOSE no Oji, with the title of Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) was sent to Tang Dynasty China as a Japanese envoy and came back to Japan on April 12, 707; he was given cotton, hemp, cloth, a hoe and unhulled rice. On September 20, 707, he was promoted to Shogoinojo (Senior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade) and on April 12, 708, during the reign of Empress Genmei, was appointed to Harima no kuni no kami (the governor of Harima Province). He was promoted to Jushiijo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade) on June 19, 715 and appointed to Udaiben (Major Controller of the Right) on July 1, 715. During the reign of Empress Gensho, he was promoted to Shoshiinoge (Senior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) on February 10, 719 and appointed to the inspector of Settsu Province on October 29, 719. He was appointed to Chunagon (Middle Counselor), Jusani (Junior Third Rank) on April 25, 721 and passed away on July 4, 724.

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