Kudara no Nagatsugu (百済永継)

KUDARA no Nagatsugu (year of birth and death unknown) was a woman who lived during the early Heian period. She was the first wife of FUJIWARA no Uchimaro. She later served as a minor Court lady at the Empress's residence and became one of Emperor Kanmu's favorite women, but was never recognized as the Emperor's consort throughout her life.

Her father was ASUKABE no Natomaro (written as 飛鳥部奈止麻呂 or 安宿奈止麿 in Japanese), who was a lower-level noble descended from a Chinese or Korean family with the rank of Shogoinoge (Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), and he was based in Asukabe County, Kawachi Province (present-day Habikino City, Osaka Prefecture). Asukabe County is said to have been a place which had strong associations with members from the Fujiwara clan such as Empress Komyo and Prince Asukabe.

She married FUJIWARA no Uchimaro at first, and they had their first son FUJIWARA no Manatsu and their second son FUJIWARA no Fuyutsugu. Afterward, she became a nyoju (court lady who serves in the inner palace) at the harem of Emperor Kanmu, and she won his affection and had a son. However, her son was never recognized as an imperial prince because Nagatsugu was from a lower class; eventually, he was demoted from nobility to subject, and he changed his name to YOSHIMINE no Yasuyo. Nagatsugu also had to settle for a low rank of Jushichiinoge (Junior Seventh Rank, Lower Grade), although she bore the Emperor a son.

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