Asakura Kagefusa (朝倉景総)

Kagefusa ASAKURA (year of birth unknown - May 7, 1505) was a busho (Japanese military commander) who lived during the beginning of the Sengoku period (Period of Warring States, Japan). He was a vassal of the Asakura clan. He was also called Magogoro. He served as Danjo-no-chu (third-grade officer of Danjodai [the Police]). His posthumous Buddhist name was Daisho-soken (or Daido-soken).

He was the fourth son of Takakage ASAKURA (the seventh head of the family). Because Kagefusa was the son of a concubine, he was always given the humbler seat than his brother Norikage ASAKURA (posthumous Buddhist name was Isen-sosho, the fifth son of Takakage) who was the son of Takakage's legal wife (Keishitsu Eisho), although he was older than Norikage. Bearing a grudge against that, he killed Norikage in a Sumo ring on July 12, 1484. Kokyu ASAKURA, who had adopted Norikage, got furious. It is said that Kagefusa escaped to Takura Jigen-ji Temple in Nanjo County and asked for permission by taking the tonsure.

After that, presumably since Kokyu got over his anger, Kagefusa began to serve in Ichijodani (the Asakura clan's base, Ichijodani Castle). He served as attendant when Kanrei (the shogunal deputy) Masamoto HOSOKAWA went down to Echigo Province in 1491, and as Taisho (general) of the expeditionary army to the Battle of Funada in Mino Province in 1496. And he married his daughter off to Kagetoyo ASAKURA from the Gunji family (family serving as Gunji [local magistrates]) of Tsuruga County.

However, he could not improve his relationship with Keishitsu Eisho, and he finally left Echizen Province. After that, he went to Kyoto to serve Masamoto HOSOKAWA, and changed his name and called himself Danjo-no-chu Motokage ASAKURA.

In 1503, he conspired with Kagetoyo ASAKURA, Soteki ASAKURA and others to attack their master Sadakage ASAKURA (the ninth head of the family). However the plot was leaked out since Norikage (Soteki) informed secretly. Kagetoyo committed suicide with his sword after his base Tsuruga was attacked by Sadakage. Although Kagefusa had already moved his army from Omi Province, receiving the news, he retreated. Then he went into Kaga Province via Mino Province and Hida Province.

Kagefusa recruited soldiers in Kaga Province to revolt against the Asakura family (his ex-master, Asakura). In August, 1504 (the next year), Kagefusa led his army to Tsuboe in Echizen Province and challenged Sadakage to fight the decisive battle, however he lost and ran away to Noto Province.

On April 4, 1505, he died of an illness in Saito-yakata Mansion in Haruki, Noto Province. Presumably he had two sons who were called Yoroku and Jizoin.

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