Asakura Kagefuyu (朝倉景冬)

Kagefuyu ASAKURA (birth date unknown – October 17, 1495) was a busho (Japanese military commander in the end of Muromachi Period. His childhood name was Magoshiro. He was commmonly called Shurishiki (The Palace Repairs Office), and he wasTotomi no kami (the Governor of Totomi Province). His father was Iekage ASAKURA. His son was Kagetoyo ASAKURA. His posthumous Buddhist name was Munesuke HOEI.

He was younger brother of Toshikage ASAKURA (Eirin Takakage).
He performed well on the battle of Choroku, which occurred between Echizen shugo, Yoshitoshi SHIBA and Shugodai (deputy of Shugo, provincial constable), Jochi KAI
He showed excellent performance on the Onin War, and according to"Asakura Shimatsuki," he was called 'Kotengu (small tengu) of Asakura' by Kyowarabe (Kyoto's young people).

Moreover, after the death of his brother Eirin Takakage, he supported Ujikage ASAKURA (the eighth family head) as the gunji (local magistrate) of Tsuruga District, and helped to unify Echizen.

When Yoshihisa ASHIKAGA went for subjugation of Rokkaku clan of Omi Province in 1487, he led his troop of 142 horses and 1500 warriors in the vanguard (however, Sadakage ASAKURA [the nineth family head] stayed Tsuruga in order to avoid to fight with Yoshihiro SHIBA).

In February, 1490, he transplanted a pine tree from Sento Imperial Palace to Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA's Higashimaya Sanso villa.

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