Asakura Kagemoto (朝倉景職)

Kagemoto ASAKURA (1484 - May 14, 1535) was a busho (Japanese military commander) in the Sengoku Period (Period of Warring States) (Japan). His father was Tsunekage ASAKURA. His childhood name was Toramatsu. He was also named Yozauemon no Jo. His wife was Kita dono, the first daughter of Sadakage ASAKURA (the ninth head of the family). Kagetaka ASAKURA was a son between them. His posthumous Buddhist name was 然翁禅昭禅定門.

He was able to be promoted to a higher rank among the Asakura's same name group, since he married to Kita dono. Upon the death of his father, he succeeded the castle the father lived, Ago-jo Castle.

He showed great performances in the riot of Eisho that occurred in 1506 leading 3,800 soldiers, as well as in the Battle of Kuzuryugawa.

In 1517, he went into the battle which was an insurrection of the Henmi clan in Wakasa Province with Soteki ASAKURA, and served as a guardian of the Takahama-jo Castle in Oi-gun. In 1525, he also went into the battle which was a domestic conflict in Mino Province, as the supreme commander to save Yoritake TOKI. He advanced his army to Inabayama on October 14, and contributed to the suppression of the domestic conflict.

He died on April 13, 1535. He died aged 52.

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