Asai Kagenaga (朝井影長)

Kagenaga ASAI (December 22, 1684 - December 15, 1768) was a bokan (residential retainer) for Sonko Hoshinno as well as one for the Monzeki (successor of a temple) of Kaju-ji Temple. His family name was FUJIWARA. His family crest consisted of three horizontal lines in a circle.

His Career

He was born on November 16, 1684 as a son of Fubei-kiyosada ASAI, a goshi (country samurai) in the Province of Omi. His original name was Shinshichiro-kagenaga. His name was changed to Shinshichi OKUDA in 1700. His family name was also changed to ASAI (he became the virtual first family head of the ASAI family). He served Chugu Joshumonin Yukiko, the empress of Emperor Higashiyama, in October, 1711. He was appointed bokan for Sonko Hoshinno of the Kaju-ji Temple on December 14, 1754. After receiving his ordination, he became Myogo Yuju on 16th of the same month and was appointed Hokkyou on 26th; furthermore, he was promoted to Hogen and called himself Jibukyo on May 15, 1726. He died at the age of 85 on November 7, 1768.

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