Asakura Kagetoyo (朝倉景豊)

Kagetoyo ASAKURA (year of birth unknown - May 8, 1503) was a busho (Japanese military commander) during the end of the Muromachi period. His father was Kagefuyu ASAKURA. His wife was a daughter of Kagefusa ASAKURA. He was also named Magoshiro.

He was the only son of his father Kagefuyu and took over Gunji (local magistrates) of Tsuruga upon the death of his father in September 1495. Kagetoyo's sisters became the wives of the member of the Asakura clan - Soteki ASAKURA, Kagezane HORIE, Kagetomi TOBA, and Shorenge Omi no kami. His father-in-law, Kagefusa ASAKURA left Echizen Province at that time to serve Masamoto HOSOKAWA, shogunal deputy, in Kyo. Kagefusa urged Kagetoyo having a big family to betray the Soke (the head family or house) of Asakura with help of his brothers-in-law, and Kagetoyo agreed to this plot.

The Kagefusa's army planed to leave Omi Province for Echizen and expected the army of Kagetoyo and his brothers-in-law to rise in revolt within Echizen Province, but any of the brothers-in-law did not take part in the plot. One of the brothers, Soteki ASAKURA immediately informed Sadakage ASAKURA, the head of the clan (the ninth head), of the plot on May 5, 1503. Sadakage led thousands of soldiers to head for Tsuruga and completely seized the Tsuruga-jo Castle where Kagetoyo resided on May 8. Kagefusa's army did not arrived in time and Kagetoyo killed himself after a fight with the seizing army.

For reference, his two sons (Kurobei and 春蘭軒) seems to have survived out of mercy.

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