Kakujo (覚盛)

Kakujo (1194 - July 1, 1249) was a priest of the Risshu sect of Buddhism in the middle of the Kamakura period. He was born in Yamato Province. As His priestly name, he was called Gakuritsu-bo and also Kyujo-bo. His posthumous name was Daihibosatsu.

He went into priesthood at Kofuku-ji Temple, lived in Joki-in Temple and learned the precepts of Buddhism. In 1236, Kakujo as well as Eison, Ensei, and Ugon revived the religious precepts through self-ordination at Todai-ji Temple. He taught Bosatsu-kai (Bodhisattva Precepts) to Emperor Shijo as well as other members of the Imperial family and nobles. In 1244, he stayed at Toshodai-ji Temple to help restore the doctrine of Ritsu (Vinaya) and was therefore called the achiever of precept revival or the second coming of Ganjin. He died at the age of 56 at Toshodai-ji Temple in 1249. His disciples include Ryohen (Risshu sect), Shogen and Ensho.

On May 19, the anniversary of Kakujo's death, a ritual 'Chuko-ki Bonmo-e' is held every year at Toshodai-ji Temple, during which time uchiwa fans are distributed from the Shariden Hall to cherish the memory of his great achievements.

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