Katsuji KAWASHIMA (Shinsengumi) (川島勝司 (新撰組))

Katsuji KAWASHIMA (year of birth unknown-1866) was a investigator and inspector of Shinsengumi (special police who guarded Kyoto during the end of Tokugawa Shogunate). He was also a corporal.

He came from the Kawashima village in Kyoto. He joined the Shinsengumi as an assistant vice commander soon after the inauguration of the special police. In the Ikedaya Incident, he joined Toshizo HIJIKATA's squad and won a reward of 17 ryos.

Later he was appointed as a corporal but dismissed on the ground that he was a chicken and was discharged from the special police. After that, having difficulty in making a living, he borrowed money in Osaka under the name of Shinsengumi. It is said that because of this cheating, his head was shaved in skinhead, and he was savagely murdered by Yahei TOYAMA and others. His body was said to be shown in public at the bank (of the River Kamogawa) near Nijo Street.

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