Fukuo Kazuyuki (福王和幸)

Kazuyuki FUKUO (July 30, 1973 -) is a Noh actor of the Fukuo school of waki-kata (supporting actors).

He was born in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture as the eldest son of Shigejuro FUKUO, the 16th head of the Fukuo school. He was apprenticed to his father. He made his debut at the age of four in 1977. He played his first supporting role in "Iwafune" (The Stone Ship) in 1983. He performed "Dojoji" (Dojo-ji Temple), "Choryo" (Chang Liang, the Great Tactician of the Han) in 1997, and "Rashomon" (The Rashomon Gate) in 1998. He received 'the Osaka Sakuya Konohana Prize' in 1995.

Tomotaka FUKUO (Noh actor) and Tadayo FUKUO (soccer player) are his younger brothers.

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