Fujisaki Kichigoro (藤崎吉五郎)

Kichigoro FUJISAKI (date of birth unknown - October 20, 1866) was a warrior of Tosa clan at the end of Edo period. Kichigoro FUJISAKI was a younger brother of Hachiro FUJISAKI who was involved and killed during the Ikedaya Incident on July 8, 1864.

When the conquest of Choshu clan was almost finished in 1866, an event often happened such that a temporary notice board held up by the Tokugawa shogunate at Sanjo-ohashi bridge was pulled out and thrown into the river. The shogunate then requested the Shinsengumi to guard the site of the notice board. October 20 of the same year, Kichigoro along with his fellows including Kazusuke MATSUSHIMA, Sukegoro MIYAGAWA, Jinbe SAWADA, Kanetsugu ANDO, Sadaroku OKAYAMA, Yasutaro HAYAKAWA, and Kentaro NAKAYAMA visited Sanjo-ohashi bridge and tried to remove the notice board and, therefore, they were attacked by Shinsengumi members who were watching the notice board including Sanosuke HARADA and Tadao ARAI, who fought back using their long swords, however, Kichigoro was killed (Sanjo notice board incident). It is still unknown whether or not all the cases involving removal of the notice board were committed by Kichigoro and his fellows.

During the Meiji period, Kichigoro was given Jugoi (Junior Fifth Rank).

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