Kikuo-maru (菊王丸)

Kikuo-maru was a pageboy of TAIRA no Noritsune who appears on Heike Monogatari (The Tale of the Heike). At first he served TAIRA no Michimori, but after Michimori died, he served TAIRA no Noritsune, a Michimori's younger brother. Legend has it that he died by being shot his belllyband by Tadanobu SATO at the Battle of Yashima in 1185. His age at death was 18 (some say that his age was 20). It is said that Kikuo-maru wore a light green bellyband, a three-ply armor, and a long sword with the hilt covered with white thread at the time of his death. The grave handed down as Kikuo-maru's remains on the north side of the municipal Yashimahigashi elementary school in Yahimahigashimachi, Takammatsu City. Kikuo-maru was the childhood name of the following people.

Ujitaka HOJO (1522 - April 8 [the year of his death unknown])
Ujifusa OTA (1565 - June 7, 1592)

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