Imadegawa Kinoki (今出川公興)

Kinoki IMADEGAWA (1446 - March 10, 1514) was a kugyo (court noble) who lived during the Muromachi period. His father was Norisue IMADEGAWA, Sadaijin (minister of the left). He mainly served two emperors, Emperor Gotsuchimikado (the 103rd) and Emperor Gokashiwabara (the 104th), and advanced to Sadaijin (minister of the left) at the rank of Juichii (Junior First Rank). His mother was the daughter of Nagatoyo TAKAKURA, Chunagon (vice-councilor of state). He was named Kinnao initially. Suetaka IMADEGAWA was his son.

In 1473, he was appointed to a post at Konoefu (headquarters of the inner palace guards) at the rank of Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank), becoming a kugyo. He became Dainagon (chief councilor of state) in 1480, after assuming Chunagon. In 1489, he was appointed to a post at Konoefu and Naidaijin (minister of the Interior). He resigned the post in 1491, but became Udaijin (minister of the right) in 1496. He was promoted to Sadaijin (minister of the left) in 1497, and remained at that post until 1505.

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