Saionji Kinsui (西園寺公遂)

Kinsui SAIONJI (April 1, 1663 - July 28, 1687) was Kugyo (a Court Noble) in the early Edo period. He primarily served for the sovereign of the 112th Emperor Reigen in the Imperial Court; He was promoted up to "Jusanmi Knoefu" (Junior Third Rank and the Headquarters of the Inner Palace Guards). His father was Sadaijin (Minister of the Left) Saneharu SAIONJI. His mother was unknown.

In terms of Kinsui's relatives, such as Kinmitsu SAIONJI and Kinnobu SAIONJI who were the sons of Saneharu, and Sanenao SAIONJI who was the son of Kinmitsu, some died young and some resigned the positions in their early career. As a result, Kinsui SAIONJI became heir to the Saionji family. In 1671, he was conferred a peerage. Since then, he was successfully promoted by taking different positions; He became Jusami (Junior Third Rank) in 1677, which gave him the title Kugyo; Nevertheless, he died the next year. He died at the age of only sixteen.

Because there was no eligible successor in the Saionji family, they reluctantly adopted Sanesuke SAIONJI who was the second son of Kanpaku (Chief Adviser to the Emperor) Fusasuke TAKATSUKASA; Consequently Sanetsune became heir to the Saionji Family. Incidentally, Sanesuke also died young.

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