Konparu Kinzo (金春欣三)

Kinzo KONPARU (January 2, 1925 to -) is a Noh actor of the shite-kata Konparu school (one of the five schools of shite-kata [main roles]). Born in Nara City.

The second son of Hachijo (Mitsutaro) KONPARU, the 78th head of the leading family in the Konparu school. He learned from his father. In 1930, he made a debut on the stage in "Hana Gatami" ("Flower Basket") by playing a child's part. In 1937, he played the main role first in "Hagoromo" ("The Feather Mantle"). He performed the leading roles in "Shakkyo" ("Stone Bridge"), "Dojo-ji Temple," "Sotoba Komachi" ("Komachi at the Grave Post") and other Noh plays. In 1965, he was designated as General Important Intangible Cultural Property. In 1998, he received the Fifth Class of the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays. Organizing "the Society to Enjoy Nara Noh" annually, he actively develops performance activities for beginners.

Nobutaka KONPARU, the 79th headmaster, is his brother. Yasuyuki KONPARU is his adopted heir. Tomoko KONPARU, who is a playwright, is his daughter.

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