Katayama Kiyoshi (片山清司)

Kiyoshi KATAYAMA (December 23, 1964 -) is a Noh actor of the Kanze school of shite-kata (lead actors). He was born in Kyoto Prefecture.

He was born as the eldest son of Kuroemon KATAYAMA the Ninth (Living National Treasure).

He was apprenticed to his father and Tetsunojo KANZE the Eighth. He played his first starring role in "Iwafune" (The Stone Ship) in 1970. Since then, he has actively participated in overseas performances. He received the Kyoto Prefecture Culture Prize incentive prize in 1997. He received the Best Young Artist Award by City of Kyoto in 2003. Director of the Kyoto Kanzekai, and Managing Director of the Katayama Noh and Kyomai Preservation Foundation.

Yachiyo INOUE, the Fourth head of the Inoue school of Kyoto dancing is his grandmother. Yachiyo INOUE the Fifth is his older sister. Keijiro KATAYAMA and Motosaburo SUGIURA, Noh actors of the Kanze school of shite-kata, are his uncles.

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