Isono Koemon (磯野小右衛門)

Koemon ISONO (November 12, 1825 - June 11, 1903) was an entrepreneur, primarily based in Osaka from the end of Edo Period to Meiji Period. He was born in Abu County, Nagato Province.

Career and Personal Profile

He opened a rice distribution business in Dojima, Osaka in 1851. He contributed to the restoration of Dojima rice exchange market and became the first chief of Dojima rice association (later, Dojima rice trading company) in 1871. Also at the establishment of Osaka Chamber of Commercial Law (later, Osaka Chamber of Business, the predecessor of the present Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry), he became one of its promoters, and served as the 4th chief of Osaka Chamber of Business from 1891 to 1894.

During this period, he profited in the rice price market, and also took part in the establishment of Kitahama bank.

He adopted Bun, the daughter of Kaoru INOUE, but she later changed to her original family name, INOUE.

He also appeared in the novel "Niwaka" by Ryotaro SHIBA.

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