Kudaranokonikishi clan (百済王氏)

The Kudaranokonikishi was a Japanese clan whose founder Zenko KUDARANOKONIKISHI was a descendent of the last king of Baekje, King Giji. His full name was Kudara. He received the hereditary title Konikishi during the reign of Empress Jito.

The rank Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) or higher was given to those from the Kudaranokonikishi Clan from the beginning, although it was very rare to receive such a high rank among naturalized people who usually remained as lower or middle ranked government officials.

As this unique heridetry title, Kudara (meaning King) shows, the clan was seen as the symbol of what used to be Baekje. In 790, when Sugano no Asomi presented a change of the family name to the emperor, there was a name of Jintei KUDARANOKONIKISHI along with successors,and therefore it shows that he was in the highest position, and thus the head of the Kudara Clan ("Shoku Nihongi," July 17). Refer to Kudaranokonikishi for its origin of the pronunciation.

In the early Heian Period, because a mother of the Emperor Kanmu (TAKANO no Niigasa) was Baekje Japanese, the emperor stated that 'the descendants of Kudaranokoshiki Clan are our relatives,' and thus recieved special treatment (on Febuary 27). Their daughters were sent to Emperor Kanmu and Emperor Saga to become their wives in order to build connections on personal levels in which they gained prosperity. There are numerous historical records after the reign of Emperor Kanmu regarding the emperor going to Katano in Kawachi Province (the birthplace of the Kudaranokonikishi Clan) for hunting purposes.

Although their base was in Nanba at first, it was later moved to Nakamiyago, Kitagawachi Katano District (now known as Nakamiya, Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture), and Shibyo of Kudaranokonikishi and Hyakusai-ji Temple were constructed there. Although Hyakusai-ji Temple was burnt down, Kudarao-jinja Shrine still exists in Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture. They participated in the management of Tohoku region and the Seii project by Shuntettu being Commander-in-Chief of the Defense as well as Seii Fukushi and Mukyo being the governor of Dewa Province in the late Nara Period, and they held their positions as middle ranked nobles until the mid Heian Period.

When Shuntetsu went on an expedition as a vice-shogun (SAKANOUE no Tamuramaro being shogun) to Hitakami Province, some members of the Kudaranokonikishi Clan or their relatives settled down in the Kitagami Basin, and therefore those who have Kudara as their last names are still seen in southern parts of Iwate Prefecture. On the whole, those who have Kudara as their last name are often found around the Seto Inland Sea from the Kinki area to Fukuoka.


People from the Nara Period

Buyeo PUNG: a brother of Zenko who was held as a hostage with his brother in Japan, yet later returned with a former Baekje retainer, Fukushin KISHITSU. Although he escaped to Goguryeo after losing in the Battle of Hakusukinoe, he was captured by the Tang Dynasty of China and sentenced to exile.

Zenko KUDARANOKONIKISHI (601 - 687): Received the hereditary title of Kudaranokonikishi from the Empress Jito.


People from the Aska Period to the early Nara Period

Enpo KUDARANOKONIKISHI. Rogu KUDARANOKONIKISHI (661 - 737): the title of Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) Settu Shiki (an administrator of Settu Province). Nanten KUDARANOKONIKISHI (666 - 758).

People from the Nara Period

Jikei KUDARANOKONIKISHI. Kochu KUDARANOKONIKISHI. Kyofuku KUDARANOKONIKISHI (697 - 766): the title of Junsani (Junior Third Rank) Gyobusho (Ministry of Justice).
On the back of "Kugyobunin" (directory of court nobles) 天平廿一午条百済王敬福, it says 'Nanten's younger brother.'

People from the late Nara Period to the early Heian Period

Rihaku KUDARANOKONIKISHI. Mukyo KUDARANOKONIKISHI: Governor of Dewa Province. Myoshin KUDARANOKONIKISHI (? - 815): a wife of FUJIWARA no Tsugutada. Naishi no tsukasa (female palace attendants).

Shuntersu KUDARANOKONIKISHI: Commander-in-Chief of the Defense of Mutsu and Seii Fukushi. Jintei KUDARANOKONIKISHI. Kyoho KUDARANOKONIKISHI: a nyogo of Emperor Kanmu's. Kyonin KUDARANOKONIKISHI: a wife of Emperor Kanmu. Kyotoku KUDARANOKONIKISHI.

People from the early Heian Period

Kyoshun KUDARANOKONIKISHI. Kimyo KUDARANOKONIKISHI: a daughter of Shuntetsu. Emperor Saga's nyogo.

Keimyo KUDARANOKONIKISH: a wife of Emperor Saga. Naishi no tsukasa (female palace attendants).

People from the mid Heian Period


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