Koga Kunimichi (久我邦通)

Kunimichi KOGA (1507-July 31, 1531) was Kugyo (court noble) during the late Muromachi period. He served Emperor Gokashiwabara (the 104th) and Emperor Gonara (the 105th), and was promoted to Shosanmi rank Gon Dainagon (Senior Third Rank Provisional chief councilor of state). His father was Udaijin (minister of the right) Michinobu KOGA. His mother was the daughter of Saneatsu TOKUDAIJI, Dajo-daijin (grand minister of state).

He conferred a peerage in 1509. After experience as jiju (chamberlain), Sakone no shosho (minor captain of the Left Division of the Inner Palace Guards), Sakone no chujo (middle captain of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards), he became Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) Owari gon no kami (provincial governor of Owari Province) and was raised to Kugyo in 1522. He became Shosanmi Gon Chunagon (Senior Third Rank provisional vice-councilor of state) in 1523 and Gon Dainagon in 1528.

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