Mibu no Tadamine (壬生忠岑)

MIBU no Tadamine (exact dates of birth and dead unknown, but probably lived from around 860 to 920) was a kajin, or waka poet, of the Heian period. He was one of the Thirty-six Master Poets.

He was a son of MIBU no Yasutsuna and the father of MIBU no Tadami. Although he stayed as a low-ranking military officer, he was highly reputed as a topnotch poet. Selected as one of the compilers of an Imperial waka anthology 'Kokin Wakashu,' he was highly evaluated for his compilation work and awarded the title of Rokui Settsu-gonno-daisakan. A few centuries later, the great poets FUJIWARA no Sadaie and FUJIWARA no Ietaka praised the style of Tadamine's poetry, saying his waka poems were some of the best in the Kokin Wakashu.
In addition to Kokin Wakashu, Tadamine's poems are recorded in an anthology of his poems, 'Tadamine Shu.'
He also authored a kagakusho, or book on the study of waka poems, titled 'Waka Jusshu'.

Major poems
With a gust of wind, Parting above the peaks are Clouds of white: As utterly cold as your heart(Kokin, Koini, 601)
Like the morning moon, Cold, unpitying was my love.And since we parted, I dislike nothing so much as the breaking light of day(Kokin, Koisan, 625)

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