Iwakura Makiko (岩倉槇子)

Makiko IWAKURA (maiden name: Makiko NOGUCHI, 1827 - February 23, 1903) is the second wife of Tomomi IWAKURA.

She was born as the second daughter of Kayo NOGUCHI, Kanjogumi (account section) of Zeze clan in Zeze (Otsu City). Since her brother Gaju served under Tomomi IWAKURA, Gaju was in charge of personal protection of IWAKURA and Makiko was in charge of personal care of him. She served him through his days of misfortune, for example, she sheltered him in her parents' house in Zeze when Iwakura was pursued by patriotic men. She became the second wife and had two sons and three daughters after his legal wife passed away in 1874. A direct grandchild of her oldest son Tomosada IWAKURA is Yoko KOZAKURA (Tomoko IWAKURA) whose son Yuzo KAYAMA, an actor, is a great-great-grandson.

Family lineage

Hisaoki KAMEI

- A great-great-grandson, a statesman of Kokumin-shinto Party


- A great-great-great-grandchild, an actor


- A great-great-great-grandchild, an actress


Kaian-ji Temple, Fudarakusen, Soto sect (5-16-22 Minami Shinagawa, Shinagawa Ward). There is also a graveyard of Shungaku MATSUDAIRA in the precincts of the temple.

Kogen-ji Temple

- A temple of Shinshu sect Bukko-ji temple located in Nakasho, Otsu City. A part of her ashes is buried together in the Noguchi family tomb of the generations that the Iwakura family built.

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