Inagaki Manjiro (稲垣満次郎)

Manjiro INAGAKI (September 26, 1861-November 25, 1908) was a Japanese diplomat who lived during Meiji period. He was known as urging "Nihon Teikoku Shugi Nanshin-ron (the idea of Japanese imperialism suggesting moving southward)" in his book.

Biography and Personal Profile

Manjiro was born in Hirado, Matsura District, Bizen Province (present Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture). His father, Isae Amano, was a member of Hirado clan and served as a kanjo bugyo (commissioner of finance) in the Hirado Domain. He graduated from hanko Ishinkan (domain school Ishinkan), Kagoshima shigakko (school mainly for warriors) and other schools. After that, he entered the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Letters in 1882. The next year, he was involved in the incident of 1883 (campus disorder) in the University of Tokyo, then he went to Britain and studied at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge University. In the university, he started the Japanese club and studied manners of English gentlemen. Also, he persuaded the board of directors at the university to exclude Greek examination from the entrance examination for Japanese.

After he graduated, he became a commissioned instructor of Gakushuin Higher Commercial School. He was appointed a Minister resident to Kingdom of Thailand in March 1897 and an Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in 1903. He resided in Spain in 1907, but the next year, he died of illness in his post place Madrid.

His grave is in Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture. When he was a Minister resident to Siam, he implored the king to donate a part of excavated Buddha's ashes to Japan, and it was accepted. Because of that, there is also INAGAKI's grave in Kakuozan Nittai-ji Temple in Nagoya City, where the Buddha's ashes are dedicated.

Literary Work

Japan and the Pacific and the Japanese View of the Eastern Question, 1890 (London T. Fisher Unwin)

Shiberia Tetudoron (On the Siberian Railways)/Written by Manjiro INAGAKI, 2nd edition Tetugaku-shoin, 1891

Taigai Saku (A Foreign Policy)/Mentioned by Manjiro INAGAKI Hakubun-do, October 1891.

Kizoku Ron 1, 2 (On the Nobility 1, 2)/Written by Manjiro INAGAKI, Manjiro INAGAKI, 1891, 1893

Toho Saku Keturon Souan (Draft about the Conclusion of the Eastern Policy)/Written by Manjiro INAGAKI Tetugaku-shoin, 1892.

Kyoiku no Omoto (Great Fount of Education)/Written by Manjiro INAGAKI Tetugaku-shoin, September1892.

Nanyo Chosei Ron (A talk about the mighty expedition to the South Seas)/Written by Manjiro INAGAKI Hidemasa YASUI, May 1893.

Kizoku Ron (On the Nobility)/Written by Manjiro INAGAKI Manjiro INAGAKI, May 1894.

Gaiko to Gaisei (Diplomacy and Foreign Campaigns)/Written by Manjiro INAGAKI Minyu-sha, 1896

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