Inaba Masanobu (稲葉正のぶ)

Masanobu INABA (November 8, 1749 - October 5, 1806) was the seventh lord of the Yodo Domain of Yamashiro Province. The eleventh grand master of the Inaba family with ties to Masanari.

The second son of Masayoshi INABA, the fifth lord of the domain. His lawful wife was the daughter of Munenobu MATSUDAIRA. He had a lot of concubines. His children were: Masanari INABA (the second son), Masasugu INABA (the third son), Masamori INABA (the seventh son), and daughter (the lawful wife of Sakihide HIROHATA), daughter (the lawful wife of Yorimochi NAITO and later the lawful wife of Masayohi INABA) and daughter (the lawful wife of Tadataka OOKA). His official court ranks were Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Jushiinoge (Junior Forth Rank, Lower Grade) and Tango no kuni no kami (governor of Tango Province).

In 1773, the former lord of the domain and his older brother Masahiro INABA died young without an heir, and Masanobu succeeded him by becoming the adopted heir. He concurrently held the positions of sojaban (an official in charge of the ceremonies) and jisha-bugyo (magistrate of temples and shrines), as well as Osaka jodai (the keeper of Osaka Castle) and Kyoto shoshidai (The Kyoto deputy). He also joined in the planning of Kansei Reform.

On October 5, 1806, he died at the age of 58 and his second son Masanari succeeded him.

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