Inaba Masatsune (稲葉正恒)

Masatsune INABA (1706 - May 10, 1730) was the third lord of Yodo Domain of the Yamashiro Province. He was the seventh grand master of the Inaba family with ties to Masanari.

He was the third son of Masayori INABA (second son of Masanori INABA), 7000 koku taishin hatamoto (greater vassal) and a branch family of the Inaba family of Yodo Domain. His lawful wife was the daughter of Mototsugu MORI. His rank is unknown.

His common name was Heizaemon. He took over the family of 7000 koku in 1714 when his natural father died. In February 28, 1730, the late lord of the domain Masato INABA who belonged to the head family died young, so he succeeded him, but he also died on May 10 of the same year at age 25 as if he had followed Masato. The family estate was inherited by Masachika INABA who had inherited 2000 koku from his uncle Masanao INABA.
Hogo (a Buddhist name): Gosetsuin
Grave: Kofuku-ji Temple in Mukojima, Sumida Ward, Tokyo.

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