Inoue Masatsune (井上正経)

Masatsune INOUE was a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) and roju (senior councilor) in the Edo period. He was the third lord of Kasama Domain, Hitachi Province, the lord of Iwakitaira Domain, Mutsu Province, and the first lord of Hamamatsu Domain, Totomi Province. He was the sixth of Inoue family of Hamamatsu Domain.

He was the eldest son of Masayuki INOUE who had been the second lord of Kasama Domain. In 1737 he took over the position of the head of the family, then held the positions of Kyoto Shoshidai, Osaka jodai (the keeper of Osaka Castle), and jisha-bugyo (magistrate of temples and shrines) successively, and then assumed the post as roju in 1760. He died in 1766 and Masasada, his second son, succeeded him.

1725: Masanori was born. 1737: The first appearance to the Shogun family, succession to the position of family head. 1747: He was transferred to the Iwakitaira Domain. 1752: He was appointed to Sojaban (official in charge of the ceremonies). May 1, 1753: He was appointed to Jisha-bugyo. June 4, 1756: He was appointed to Osaka jodai. 1758: He was appointed to Kyoto shoshidai (Kyoto deputy), transferred to Hamamatsu. January 8, 1761: He was appointed to roju. April 25, 1763: He was resigned from roju. 1766: He died at age of 42.
Official court ranks and Ikai (Court rank)
1739: Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Kawachi no kami (governor of Kawachi Province)
1756: Jushiinoge (Junior Forth Rank, Lower Grade)
1758: Jiju (a chamberlain)
1763: Yamato no kami (governor of Yamato Province)

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