Abe Masayoshi (阿部正由)

Masayoshi ABE was a daimyo (feudal lord) during the Edo period. He was the 8th generation lord of the Oshi domain in Musashino Province. He held roles such as: jisha-bugyo (magistrate of temples and shrines), Osaka jodai (the keeper of Osaka Castle) and Kyoto shoshidai (The Kyoto deputy). Masayoshi ABE was 8th generation of the Abe family with ties to Tadaaki.
Initially he went by the name of 'Yorinao MATSUDAIRA.'


Masayoshi ABE was born January 5, 1763 as 11th son of the Kishu domain lord Munenobu TOKUGAWA. As a child he was known as Kumenojo (久米之丞).

In 1793, he became the adopted son of Masatsune ABE and in 1796 inherited the role of head of the family. In 1798 he took on sojaban (an official in charge of the ceremonies) at the shogunate, followed in succession by roles as: jisha-bugyo in 1804, Osaka jodai (1806) and Kyoto shoshidai (1806).

Ho passed away on October 11, 1808. His eldest son (Masanori ABE) took over as heads of the family. He passed away at 45 years of age.

Brief History

January 5, 1763: Born

1796: Inherits position of domain lord.

1798: Attendant at the shogunate

August 22, 1801: Supervisor of Temples & Shrines

March 4, 1804: Keeper of Osaka-jo Castle

November 21, 1806: Kyoto shoshidai (The Kyoto deputy)

November 28, 1808: Died (officially announced on January 7, 1809), age 47

Official Court Rank

1793: Jugoi (Junior Fifth Rank)/ Harima Province

1806: Jushii (Junior Fourth Rank)/ Bungo Province/ Chamberlain

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