Ishikawa Masayoshi (石川昌能)

Masayoshi ISHIKAWA (1658 - June 1, 1682) was a successor of Yodo domain of the Province of Yamashiro.

He was born as the first son of Noriyuki ISHIKAWA. His lawful wife was a daughter of Takatsugu TODO. His children included Katsuyuki ISHIKAWA (first son) and a daughter (who later became the lawful wife of Fusashige ISHIKAWA). His official court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and Governor of Hyuga Province.

He was born as the legitimate child of the domain of Ise-kameyama (that later became the Yodo domain of the Yamashiro Province). He was granted an audience with Ietsuna TOKUGAWA in 1668, and was investitured in 1671. He died early at age 25 in 1682, before he was able to succeed the family. Therefore, his first son, Katsuyuki, became the heir.

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