Hoshino Mian (星野味庵)

Mian HOSHINO was a man from Aizu in the Sengoku period (period of warring states). He was the founder of the Mian school, one group of the Aizu Ogasawara school.

When Nagatoki OGASAWARA and his son, Sadayoshi OGASAWARA went to Aizu, they stayed in the residence of Mian HOSHINO, where Nagatoki died. At that time, Mian and Okizane HATA (the founder of the Hata school) were initiated into Ogasawara school's Kyuba-kojitsu (ancient practices of customs about archery and equestrianism). Since then, two groups of the Ogasawara school, the Mian and Hata schools were introduced in Aizu.

The volume 2 of "Honcho Bugei Shoden" (a survey of traditional Japanese martial arts) says that:

Mian HOSHINO came from the same province, Aizu as Okizane Hata, and Kamon was his shigo (the firt title).'
Nagatoki OGASAWARA visited Aizu.'
In 1583, Mian begged Nagatoki and Sadayoshi to stay here to teach the Kyuba-kojitsu when they stayed in Mian's home.'
Nagatoki initiated him into the Kyuba-kojutsu.'
The Mian school remains now.'
There are its lower branches in provinces.'

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