Kono Michikiyo (河野通清)

Michikiyo KONO (year of birth unknown - March 6, 1181) was a busho (Japanese military commander) of Iyo Province during the late Heian period. His father was Chikakiyo KONO. His mother was a daughter of Chikatsune KONO. His official court rank was Iyo no Gon no Suke (provisional vice governor of Iyo Province). One of his children was Michinobu KONO.

His family was a powerful family which ruled over Iyo Province during the late Heian period. Because he was conceived right after his mother had paid a visit to Mishima-myojin (the deity of Mishima-jinja Shrine) to pray, he was thought to be a son of answered prayer. It is said that since then the letter '通,' which means that a prayer is answered, had been customarily used for the name of the head of the KONO clan for generations. Michikiyo bore resentment against TAIRA no Kiyomori because Kiyomori had confiscated all his territories but Kono-go district for the reason that he had taken the side of the Minamoto clan in the Heiji War. For this reason, when MINAMOTO no Yoritomo took up arms against the Taira clan in August 1180, Michikiyo also took up arms and killed mokudai (deputy) of TAIRA no Koremori of the Taira family to rule over Iyo Province completely.

However, in 1181, Shigeyoshi TAGUCHI and Nuka Saijaku on the side of the Taira clan closed in on Iyo Province. Although Michikiyo holed up in Takanawasan-jo Castle in Kazahaya County, Iyo Province (Hojo City, Ehime Prefecture) to make resistance, he was soundly defeated because of the betrayal by his ally. Finally, he sallied out of the castle to die a heroic death.

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