Kita Minoru (喜多実)

Minoru KITA (February 23, 1900 to October 2, 1986) was a Noh actor of the shite-kata Kita school (one of the five schools of shite-kata [main roles]), and the 15th Soke (headmaster of the head family) in the Kita school. He was a member of the Japan Art Academy.

He was from Shiga Prefecture.
At the age of five, he was adopted from the Goto family in Osaka by Roppeita KITA (14th) of the Kita school
In 1939, he started performing new Noh dramas together with Zenmaro TOKI. Visiting overseas such as Italy and Paris for performances, he was designated as the Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure) in 1957. In 1971, when Roppeita died, he became the 15th headmaster of the Kita school. In 1974, he assumed the post of chairman of the Nohgaku Performers' Association. In 1975, he received the Award of the Japan Art Academy, and became a member of the Japan Art Academy,. In 1976, he was granted the Third Class of the Order of the Sacred Treasure.

Yahan GOTO, a haiku poet, and Tokuzo GOTO, a Noh actor of the shite-kata Kita school and Living National Treasure, are his older brothers. Roppeita KITA, a Noh actor (the 16th headmaster) of the Kita school, and Sadayo KITA are his children.

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