Bando Mitsugoro (坂東三津五郎)

Mitsugoro BANDO is a Kabuki (traditional drama performed by male actors) actor's professional name. The stage family name is Yamatoya. The Jomon (family crest) is Mitsudai (literally, three 'dai' of Chinese characters) and the Kaemon (alternate personal crest) is Hanakatsumi (literally, Katsumi [an iris] flower).

Mitsugoro BANDO (the first)

He was an adopted son of the first Sanya BANDO.

Mitsugoro BANDO (the second)

He handed over the name of Mitsugoro to the biological son of the first in his last days and called himself the second Isaburo OGINO.

Mitsugoro BANDO (the third)

He was a son of the first. He was a great actor representing the Bunka-Bunsei eras (from 1804 to 1829) of Edo period (Japan). He was called 'Eiki no oyakata' (Master in Eiki) because of his address.

Mitsugoro BANDO (the fourth)

As he appeared on stage even after he was stricken with paralysis and became disabled, so called yoi-yoi, he was called 'Yoi-Mitsu' (literally, physically challenged Mitsugoro). His older brother was the first Basho KINGENTEI, a Rakugo (traditional comic storytelling) storyteller.

Mitsugoro BANDO (the fifth)

He was the second son of Jisuke TACHIBANAYA, the chomoto (manager) of Ichimura-za theater. He was an adopted son of the third Mitsugoro BANDO.

Mitsugoro BANDO (the sixth)

As he had abatazura (a pock-marked face) while being onnagata (female-role actor), he was called 'Aba-mitsu' (Mitsugoro with Abatazura face).

Mitsugoro BANDO (the seventh)

He was a son of Kanya MORITA (the 12th). His former name was the second Yasosuke BANDO. He was the head of Bando-ryu school of Classical Japanese dance.
He was called 'the God of Dance.'

Mitsugoro BANDO (the eighth)

He was an adopted son of the seventh. His former name was the sixth Minosuke BANDO. He was designated as Living National Treasure. He died suddenly due to globefish poison after he ate a globefish at a restaurant in Kyoto.

Mitsugoro BANDO (the ninth)

He was the husband of the oldest daughter of the eighth. He was the third son of Shucho BANDO (the third). His former name was the seventh Minosuke BANDO.

Mitsugoro BANDO (the 10th)

He is the oldest son of the ninth and current Mitsugoro BANDO. He formerly called himself the fifth Yasosuke BANDO.

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