Kujo Mitsuie (九条満家)

Mitsuie KUJO (1394 - June 3, 1449) was a Kanpaku in the Muromachi period. He was initially named Mitsunori or Mitsusuke. He called himself Gosanenin as well. He was the third son of Tsunenori KUJO, a kanpaku. Tadamoto KUJO, Noritsugu KUJO, Koen, Doson, Koshin, and Kyogaku were his brothers. His wife included a daughter of Aritoyo KARAHASHI, and Masatada KUJO, Masamoto KUJO, and Jnjitsu (at Kofuku-ji Temple) were his sons.

In 1403, he was awarded Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) at the age of 13. In 1418, he was appointed to Kanpaku and Sadaijin (minister of the left). In 1419, he was promoted to Juichii (Junior First Rank). He became a priest in 1448. He died on June 3, 1449, at the age of 56.

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