Kitabatake Mitsumasa (北畠満雅)

Mitsumasa KITABATAKE (date of birth unknown - January 25, 1429) lived during the early Muromachi period. He was the third family head of the Kitabatake family, whose members served as Ise Kokushi (an officer of Ise Province) from generation to generation. He was the second son of Akiyasu KITABATAKE.

In protest against the fact that the imperial line was not transferred from the Northern Court (Japan) to the Southern Court (Japan), he raised an army in Ise Province only to be suppressed by the Toki clan in August 1412. However, he raised an army again in September 1414. After being defeated by the army of Mochimasu TOKI (Shugo [a provincial military governor]), Mitsunaga FUTAKI and others obeying Yoshimochi ASHIKAGA, he surrendered to them through the mediation of the Imperial Court in August of the following year.

Following the death of the Emperor Shoko in August 1428, which led to the extinction of the direct descendant of the Northern Court, he attempted to let the son of Seisho OGURANOMIYA ascend the throne. His attempt was, however, frustrated, because the Fushiminomiya family produced the new emperor, the Emperor Gohanazono. After Oguranomiya entered Ise Province, who left the capital trusting to Mitsumasa, he raised an army again under the banner of Oguranomiya. The army of bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) commanded by Mochiyori TOKI, who was dispatched by outraged Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA, attacked him. As a result, Mitsumasa was killed in the Battle of Iwata, Abu Country, Ise Province.

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