Tosa Mitsuoki (土佐光起)

Mitsuoki TOSA (November 21, 1617 - November 14, 1691) was a leading painter in the Tosa school in the Edo period. He came from Sakai City in Izumi Province. His father was Mitsunori TOSA. His name was Fujimitsu.

In 1654, he became the head of the official court atelier, and revived the Tosa school which had been the mainstream of Yamato-e painting (a traditional Japanese style painting of the late Heian and Kamakura periods dealing with Japanese themes). He was a rival of the Kano school.

Later, he became a Buddhist monk with the name Josho. He died in Kyoto. Age at death: 75.

His most important works are "a picture scroll depicting the chronicle of Kitano-tenjin Shrine," "Thirty-six immortal poets' scenes on folding screens," "Scenes from the Tale of Genji on folding screens," and so on.

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