Chiba Mitsutane (千葉満胤)

Mitsutane CHIBA (1359 - 1426 July 12) was a busho (Japanese military commander) from the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan) to the early Muromachi period. The fourteenth family head of the Chiba clan. The son of the thirteenth family head, Ujitane CHIBA. His mother is the daughter of Yoshisada NITTA. The official court rank is Jugoinoge (Junior fifth grade, lower grade), Chiba no suke (assistant governor) of Chiba Province.

Due to his father's death in 1365 September, he succeeded the family estate when he was only 7 years old. In Yoshimasa OYAMA's riot in 1381, he attacked Yoshimasa OYAMA of the Shimotsuke Province following the order given from Kamakura kubo (Governor-general of the Kanto region), Ujimitsu ASHIKAGA. In the August of 1416, during the riot of Zenshu UESUGI, he took part in expelling the Kamakura kubo, Mochiuji ASHIKAGA, together with his sons, Kenetane CHIBA and Yasutane MAKUWARI (According to the record of "Kamakura Ozoshi", he had 8000 horsemen, when the ringleader Ujinori UESUGI and Mitsutaka ASHIKAGA's military force were 2000 and 1000 horsemen each). Shogunate troops with Norimasa IMAGAWA and Fusakata UESUGI attacked Kamakura, given the orders from the shogun from Kyoto, Yoshimochi ASHIKAGA, who was furious about this incident. Until January 1417, Mitsutane fought together with Zenshu, but were defeated and Zenshu committed suicide, and Mitsutane surrendered. At that time, his life was not taken. However, he had no choice but to retire from the political world and live in seclusion.

In 1426 July 12, he died in the age of 68, and his son Kenetane CHIBA succeeded afterwards.

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